Platform 3NEO borns promoted by technology centers, public research centers and companies of the graphic sector.

This platform has as main purpose, to promote the development of printing technology, new materials and new applications, based on the functionalization of materials and printed products, with the objective of increase the effort and the effectiveness of its R & D + i and its impact on society, in seven economic sectors identified as basic: Printing Industry and Packaging, Ceramic Industry, Textile Industry, Paper Industry, Plastic Industry, Inks and Coatings Industry and Organic Electronics.

We can say that 3NEO works on two different levels according to the printing technologies used and the kind of industries involved:
  • Conventional printing technologies, with the establishment of research lines  about the interaction of support, ink, and machine, for products that can be understood as conventional in various industries: printing on paper, plastic, metal, textiles, ceramics, etc ...
  • Functional printing technologies and functionalization of materials and new developments with functional properties provided by the printing technology, such as organic electronics and their derivatives: OLEDs devices, solar cells, antennas, batteries, printed electronics, RFID, smart packaging, smart cards and tags, etc..
3NEO Technology Platform is open to the incorporation of new members who are willing to collaborate actively and contribute with their ideas and experiences in the working groups defined in the Platform.

The overall objective of 3NEO is bring to the Spanish industrial and business scope the new applications and new developments that can be done by printing technology, promoting technological surveillance, dissemination, demonstration and training and offering at the same time support and advice to businesses Spanish companies in the application of these technologies to their products and services.

This approach of new properties, new materials and new processes of printing technologies to the industrial scope will enhance the appearance of new own developments in the field of organic electronics and other areas of the functionalization of the product or printed material, placing Spain as a International reference and opening new opportunities and new markets for Spanish traditional industries like ceramics, textiles and printing industry of packaging.

With the consolidation of the Technological Platform 3NEO, we want to achieve the following objectives:
  • Analyze the current state of printing technologies and related industries at regional and national level, to develop the Strategic Research Agenda.
  • Development of the Strategic Research Agenda for printing technologies and related industries in Spain, developing a work program that will revitalize the area of performance, creating strategic proposals in the medium and long term that will promote R + D + i and the competitiveness of industrial sectors integrated into the Platform 3 NEO.
  • Development of the 3NEO web. The objective of the web is to be a reference to the query about technologies and printing materials, as well as theirs applications and  strategic and research lines. At the same time 3NEO is an environment for meeting and working for platform members
  • To create a specific program for printing technologies and related industries in Spain - establishing relationships with the Ministry at political and working level
  • Enhance the dissemination activities of printing technologies and related industries, its application to industry and the continuing developments and novelties that occur in this technology sector.
  • Assist in the definition, design, development and delivery of specialized training activities.
  • Encouraging business participation in R + D + i focused on printing technology and materials for these technologies.
  • Strengthen relations with other companies or organizations both national and European level, giving priority to mobility of researchers and technicians from research groups, technology centers and business associations.
All these objectives are grouped into 5 basic lines of action: exploration, dissemination, advice / support to enterprises, connection with other networks and internal coordination, wich are part of the activities of the 5 working groups of the platform:

    1. Conventional Printing Technologies
    2. Functional Printing Technology
    3. New Materials for Printing Technology
    4. Organic Electronics by Printing Technology
    5. Environmental Management and Life of printed material.